Thread Veins and Rosacea
IPL/Laser Treatment


Rosacea: If you are experiencing redness, but also other symptoms, such as spots, visible blood vessels and dry and thickened skin, you could be suffering from a skin condition called Rosacea.

Symptoms include redness, flushing, hardening of the skin, spots, a stinging or burning sensation and the appearance of red broken blood vessels. Severe symptoms might include dry, sore eyes and a thickening of the skin, particularly around the nose. Most suffers report flare-ups, with symptoms worsening and reoccurring over time.

Facial Thread Veins: Sometimes known as spider or broken veins, thread veins are small prominent veins that appear just below your skin surface, commonly on your face and legs. They tend to branch and give a spidery sort of pattern hence their common name. Thread veins are completely harmless. Intense Pulse Light (IPL), Pulsed Dye Laser and LP Nd YAG are used to treat the condition. Short pulses of light raise the temperature of the area, breaking down the vascular lesions, encouraging the body to reabsorb the veins, improving and fading their appearance.

Intense Pulse Light (IPL), Pulsed Dye Laser and LP Nd YAG are used to treat these conditions.


1. Reduces thread veins and redness
2. Stimulates collagen and elastin production, improving lines and wrinkles
3. Improves tone and texture

Procedure Time

30 mins

Recovery Time

Some swelling (2-3 days)




course of 6 treatments


From £120

*Results may vary from person to person.

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Thread Veins & Rosacea at juliette john aesthetics

Take a look at some of our fantastic results. We deliver long-term and effective results for all of our clients. We create personalised treatment plans, so we’ll assist you in achieving your best results.

I had my first appointment at Juliette Johns yesterday and I cannot fault the service I received. After walking in feeling very nervous and vulnerable all the staff made me feel at ease and relaxed with their calm approach and expertise. I am looking forward to starting the process in a few weeks time.


Juliette was friendly and honest. It is clear she values her customers and passionate about her work. She was clear in explaining the treatment, which was a great success. I am so happy with my results. Beautiful clinic.


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Frequently asked questions

Thread Veins & Rosacea

  1. Does the treatment hurt?

    The treatment is not painful and at most you may notice slight discomfort.

  2. Are there any side effects?

    Depending on your skin type and the area in question, there is redness and swelling, that feels like mild sunburn, for up to 2-3 days after treatment.

  3. What is the aftercare?

    Applying cool packs to the skin for the first few hours after treatment will help reduce any discomfort. Aloe Vera gel can also be helpful.
    Use SPF 50 and avoid sun exposure. This is essential to avoid the risk of hyper or darker pigmentation.

    Avoid touching/picking/scratching the treated area.
    Avoid hot baths, exercise and heat treatments.
    Treat the skin gently, especially for the first 24 hours.