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At Juliette John Aesthetics, we offer a range of advanced skin treatments to treat complex skin conditions and rejuvenate ageing skin. With the potency of cosmeceutical treatments and the results of professional formulas, true long-term skin change can be encouraged.

We use treatments such as the Oxygen Rx facial, SWiCH dermal rejuvenation, and an Enzyme treatment to help remodel problematic, congested, dull and ageing skin. Depending on your individual needs, we will be able to guide you to the best course of treatments for you. Advanced skincare treatments with Juliette John Aesthetics provide effective facial rejuvenation in a welcoming and comfortable environment.


Rejuvenates ageing skin

Procedure Time

60 minutes

Recovery Time





Course of 6-8 treatments


Dependent on choice

*Results may vary from person to person.

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Advance Skincare at juliette john aesthetics

Take a look at some of our fantastic results. We deliver long-term and effective results for all of our clients. We create personalised treatment plans, so we’ll assist you in achieving your best results.

Feeling really pampered after having my Oxygen treatment today! And after 3-4 months of using the Circadia products recommended to me, my acne outbreaks have near enough diminished! I’ll be going back next month for my next treatment! Really lovely and welcoming staff too.


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Frequently asked questions


  1. About the Oxygen Rx facial

    The Oxygen Rx facial treats acne, acne rosacea, facial redness, thread veins, smoker’s skin, pre and post facial surgery and unwanted pigmentation. Oxygen facials have gained a huge celebrity following for their wonderfully rejuvenating and restorative actions. Oxygen kills bacteria under the skin and in the pores. The active oxygen mask has a lightening and redness reducing action giving instant results for Rosacea, facial redness and thread veins. The procedure is easy and pleasant. Oxygen facial treatments can be used on any skin type or colour and oxygen’s antibacterial action makes it extremely beneficial for Acne and Acne rosacea. Skin isn’t deeply exfoliated during the treatment, therefore any cysts or pustules are not exposed or ‘peeled’ and there is no downtime or irritation. To enhance the treatment an enzyme mask can be incorporated to exfoliate dead skin cells, blocked pores and lighten pigmentation. Improvements can be seen and felt after one treatment however for optimal results a course of treatments are recommended. The end result is clear and luminous skin with a feeling of firmness.

  2. About SWiCH dermal rejuvenation

    SWiCH is a fantastic treatment that rejuvenates aging, sun damaged or environmentally damaged skin. Ideal for clients aged over 35 years and all skin colours. This treatment is seen as the new alternative to chemical peels. When performed on a regular schedule with supporting home care products, SWiCH reduces fine lines, diminishes hyperpigmentation and improves skin texture and tone. The SWiCH treatment is a multiple step process that allows active ingredients to penetrate into the skin, switches on the repair mechanism, and supplies energy for the repair process to fully complete. While results will be seen in one treatment, a course of 3 or 6 treatments 4 weeks apart is recommended.

  3. About Enzyme treatment

    Enzyme treatments work by dissolving the cellular debris on the surface of the skin for a fresher, brighter appearance. Enzyme treatments produce results similar to a light chemical peel, but no layers of skin are removed, which prevents the skin from becoming thin, dry and aged. Enzyme treatments by Circadia all use a combination of natural enzymes including bromelain (found in pineapples), papin (found in papayas), and trypsin. These treatments are most effective when performed every 2 weeks.

  4. Which treatment is right for me?

    Each treatment is designed to treat specific skin concerns, so your treatment will depend on your individual needs. At your initial consultation, we will listen to your skin concerns and assess your needs to best advise a course of treatments that will provide you with effective results.