Full Circle Eye Repair Day and Night Formula

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Day Formula: 15ml Innovative peptide technology and vitamins coupled with smoothing agents make this system unlike any other. Night Formula: 15ml Amplifies the natural repair cycle while helping prevent the formation of new lines and reducing puffiness.

Skin Type Indications
Fine lines, crow’s feet, bags, puffiness, or evidence of UV damage

Day Formula: Contains natural herbs for constricting capillaries which will help to lighten undereye circles
Peptides inhibit muscular contraction, reducing the formation of wrinkles
Antioxidants prevent the destruction of collagen
Soothing, anti-inflammatory, protective against environmental attack
Night Formula: Peptides stimulate, repair and increase collagen formation and minimize the formation of new lines
Vitamin A strengthens support tissue, aids in growth and repair of the epidermis, stimulates fibroblast cells to produce collagen and thicken the skin, improving firmness and elasticity.
Works to decrease fluid build-up and de-puff.

Day Formula: Apply in the morning, after cleansing and applying Vitamin C Reversal Serum. Gently pat Day Formula around the eye area.
Night Formula: In the evening after cleansing and applying Vitamin C Reversal Serum, gently pat Night formula around the eye area.

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