Fungal nail

Conditions 22 Fungal nail

Fungi itself is commonly found in the body just like bacteria, but excess fungi on or inside the nail bed can result in an infection, and signs of this infection can include the discolouration of the nail, or a change in texture as it becomes brittle.

The infection causes thickened and unsightly nails, which can often become painful as well as be aesthetically displeasing.

Fungi is particularly common in the toenails due to their confinement within socks and shoes, which often provide the optimum warm, moist conditions in which fungi thrive.

Certain factors can increase one’s risk of contracting a fungal nail; for example, the elderly and people with diabetes or weakened immune systems are often more likely to get an infection. Athletes also commonly develop fungal nails as they frequently spend time in changing rooms, swimming pools or regularly wear sports shoes that encourage the condition.


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