Facial asymmetry

Conditions 33 asymmetry

Complete facial symmetry is not something any of us naturally possess, but sometimes our facial asymmetry may be more obvious, and in some cases may not only be personal but will also be noticeable to those you encounter.

Symptoms of facial asymmetry include an uneven jaw, facial paralysis, irregularly sized ears or eyes, varying skull shape, a misshapen nose, or differing cheekbones.

The causes of facial asymmetry are complex and may be due to: genetics, systemic causes such as growths, inflammation as the nerves are attacked by bacteria and past trauma from damage to the facial structure. Facial asymmetry can also be a caused as a result of health factors, such as the involvement in activities that adversely affect your facial shape and structure, including: smoking, inadequate oral hygiene, contact sports, and alcohol or substance abuse.


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