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Juliette John has gained over 30 years experience in the beauty industry, working in both the UK and USA. Her outstanding results, in the application of medical micropigmentation, have led to referrals from both plastic and general surgeons.

Carly Wilcock
"Juliette did some permanent cosmetic work on me. She did my eye brows, lips and eyes. She was very warm and professional throughout the process. Juliette understood what I wanted and made sure I was totally happy with the shape and colour before she started the tattooing. It was a lot less painful than I thought it would be and the results have totally exceeded my expectations!

The eyebrows have really given a great shape to my eyes and my lips now have the bow shape that I always wanted and they look a lot fuller too. Its great being able to keep my new look ‘permanent’ and to have that feel good factor when I’m on the beach and swimming on holiday. All my friends were amazed by the results and they are all really keen to have permanent make up done too"

Jennie Warwick
"Juliette John is a very bubbly, friendly, caring and professional specialist who is excellent in her field of permanent make-up. I am extremely happy and pleased with my new permanent eyebrows. My face is now framed properly and my eyes look more open and youthful. I can’t praise Juliette enough for doing such a wonderful job and giving me so much more confidence in my appearance."

Christine Norton
"It’s just over a year since Juliette did my eyebrows with a permanent cosmetic procedure and they are looking really, really good. I no longer have to worry about pencilling them in every morning, or when I go swimming. It’s definitely one of the best things I’ve ever done and I would recommend this to anyone with problem eyebrows. It’s amazing the difference it can make to your face and I feel much more attractive and confident now"

John Reilly
"I've had Vitiligo for over thirty years and I’ve tried every treatment available including, medication, skin camouflage and puva therapy, all with very disappointing results. I can honestly say nothing has worked as well as the medical micropigmentation that Juliette has treated me with. The results have been very, very good and it's really boosted my confidence. This summer I will be able to wear T’shirts and shorts for the first time ever, and I won’t need to cover up my arms and legs. It will give me a real sense of freedom. Juliette has helped me enormously and I would gladly recommend her to other Vitiligo sufferers"

“My face is ‘wash and go’ it’s absolutely amazing the attention to detail is unbelievable. My normally pencilled in eyebrows never stayed in place on holiday or on a night out... my lips are now a lot fuller, and my eyes definitely stand out more. I would recommend Juliette to anyone!”

“The confidence I now have is fantastic; The hair strokes on my eyebrows are lovely, the neatness and colour is just perfect. I would recommend Juliette to anyone – she is exceptionally clever at what she does and it really has changed the way I feel about myself!”

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