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We're not all blessed with the perfect shape brows, or large eyes and after the age of 30 our lips begin to lose definition. Permanent makeup can also be used to repair damage caused by aging or accident, or simply to bring back to life features that have lost their youthful strength.

Permanent makeup is safe in our hygienic clinic in Suffolk and we are in easy reach of London and East Anglia. We use non-toxic hypo-allegenic materials and will patch test you before treatment begins. Please see examples and further descriptions below:

Yes: All pigments are made from a base of iron oxide, glycerol, distilled water and alcohol; natural minerals that are specifically selected for their safe, non-toxic and hypo-allergenic properties (a full list of which can be given if required). They are trusted by technicians and cosmetic surgeons throughout the world. Ophthalmologists actually recommend eye procedures for women sensitive to conventional cosmetics. Every patient has a new applicator cartridge and at the beginning of the treatment, you can observe the implements being taken out of a sterile pre-packed casing. On completion of the treatment the needles are placed into a sharps box and then disposed of correctly.

Compared with other treatments such as dermal fillers and Botox that require frequent and costly maintenance, cosmetic tattooing is a comparatively low cost option. However, if you are thinking seriously about this type of procedure, quality of service should guide your decision rather than price alone.

Allergic reactions to pigments are exceedingly rare, but to be on the safe side, during your consultation, an allergy patch test will be carried out by placing a small amount of pigment onto the skin behind the ears. This, along with the completion of a questionnaire will be able to determine your suitability for the procedure and whether there are any contra-indications that would prevent treatment. The equipment and room is clean and sterile, with health and safety regulations strictly adhered to. I hold all relevant certificates and licences along with comprehensive liability/risk insurance. Also, if you are looking to have a lip liner / blend and you suffer with occasional cold sores, you will be advised to use an anti viral medication to reduce the risk of an outbreak.

You may feel slight discomfort but the results will far outweigh this. Everybody has a different level of pain tolerance and different parts of the body may be more sensitive than others. Things to be aware of include, if you are feeling run down or tired, as your pain tolerance will be lower. Also caffeine, tobacco and any other stimulants will have an affect. If you choose to, you can take a pain killer before your treatment, as long as it does not contain aspirin.

Many different factors affect the life of the implanted pigment. For instance, the darker the pigment used, the longer it will last. Also duration is affected by the area of the body the pigment is implanted into, your skin type and exposure to UVA. If you use a sunscreen with high protection factor content, you will prevent colour from fading as quickly. But, over time, however, the pigment (which is very different from regular tattooing) is broken down by the body and fades away, giving a semi-permanent colour that needs to be topped up after 12-18 months.

To achieve a perfect result and depending on the complexity of the treatment a number of visits may be required. It is always preferable to under-do an application on the first appointment, rather than over-do, as once the pigment is in the skin it is hard to change. It is very simple to go thicker or darker on a subsequent visit.

Directly after a procedure, the treated area normally weeps slightly for 10/15 minutes and then there will be a little bit of redness that lasts for an hour or so. For 3-5 days, or until the area naturally exfoliates (the skin may form a crust and flake through the healing process), the treated area will be darker, and the colour more intense. Swelling is common but usually disappears within 24 hours. If an eyeliner procedure is being preformed, the eyes will look red and puffy. Written instructions are given after the procedure as well as verbal instructions on how best to care for your procedure.

Yes: There are a few things that may affect the visual appearance and look of the cosmetic tattooing. - If you are considering having either Botox or Collagen injections, they can alter the position of eyebrows and lip liner. Cosmetic Tatooing needs to be done first - if you ever have to have either an MRI or CAT scan – you need to inform the radiologist that you have iron-oxide micropigmented into a particular area. Also, during the scan you may possibly experience a tingling sensation. - If you are considering laser hair removal around where the micropigmentation has taken place, then please ensure you tell the technician as it could cause a change in colour.

If you look at anyone who has an old body tattoo you will see that the colour can change from its original state and what’s left, if on the face will have become unsightly. Some people request their procedure to be completed using permanent pigments to save them coming back for touch-ups. Although this is a nice idea, as people age their face shape changes and the facial features drop. By using semi-permanent pigments instead of having to keep to the original lines new ones can be created giving lift and a more youthful look.

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Below are examples of Permanent Cosmetic Treatments

Eyebrow Reshaping
Eyebrows before Eyebrows after
Before After

Eyebrows before Eyebrows after
Before After

Eyebrows before Eyebrows after
Before After
Unfortunately not all of us are blessed with gorgeous full brows that complement our face shape and accentuate our eyes.

Pencils and powders are great for remedying sparse growth and enhancing poorly shaped, asymmetrical brows, but if you’re looking for something longer-lasting our Permanent Brow treatment is a must-have

Eye brows that are too light, too thin, sparse or non-existent can be beautifully enhanced by using either a bold block effect or the latest 3D hair stroke effect. Eyebrow enhancement frames the face and can give an instant eye lift without surgery making you look 10 Years younger.
Eye liner definition
Eyeliner before Eyeliner after
Before After

Eyeliner before Eyeliner after
Before After
Eyeliner is the must-have essential if you want to define your eyes and accentuate their colour.
Eyeliner pencils, gels and liquids can enhance your eyes beautifully – but if you’re looking for a zero-smudge product, that’s long-lasting and waterproof then our Perfect Eyeliner is a must for you.

Eyeliner intensifies your eyes giving a smudge resistant finish that looks like precisely applied eyeliner all day every day.

Eyeliner in a choice of looks – from a subtle lash definer to an ultra thick liner. The colour choice is unlimited and includes intense dark shades, neutral shades and accent colours which compliment or contrast the colour of your eyes.

The effect makes a real difference if you’ve got sparse or no eyelashes, if you have difficulty applying eyeliner; or if you just feel you’ve lost the intensity of your eyes because of the aging process. It’s also ideal if you suffer with allergies to pollen or conventional eye make-up and if you struggle with contact lens sensitivities.
Lip colour
Eyeliner before Eyeliner after
Before After

Eyeliner before Eyeliner after
Before After
As early as your 30’s your lips start to get paler and the crispness of the natural boarder diminishes – causing your lips to lose their definition.

During your 40’s the fullness reduces, the cupids bow straightens out and eventually gravity takes hold causing the corners of your mouth to drop.

Getting the perfect lip shape in these demanding circumstances is time consuming and something that you have to do repeatedly throughout the day. If you’re looking to transform your lips with a long–lasting lip enhancer that takes the hassle out of wearing lip-liner and lipstick try our Full Lip colour it will take your mouth to its full potential.

Lip Colour enhances the colour of your lips with a lip-stain look, perfects your lip shape, discreetly redefines your natural lip boarder and if desired gives the illusion of fullness. Once you’ve chosen a shade that ‘s ideal for you – most opt for an extra subtle look choosing a pigment blend one or two shades deeper than their natural lip colour – in no more than 90 minutes your prescribed shade is precisely infused into your lips giving you long-lasting Perfect lip colour.
Full Face Full Face
Before After

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